Pittville History Works
  a project of the Friends of Pittville – in Cheltenham

WELCOME TO PITTVILLE HISTORY WORKS – a different kind of local history group.

Since 2013 we have been collecting and publishing online information about the houses that make up the historic Pittville estate in Cheltenham and the 18,000 people who lived here from 1800 to 1945.

The estate was the project of Joseph Pitt, MP, lawyer and entrepreneur. You can read about its ambitious beginnings and subsequent history here.

Use our drop-down menus (above) to uncover stories and facts about living in Pittville in the past.

Use our simple or advanced search functions to track down individual people or houses, or to explore a wealth of data about the architecture and house names of Pittville, the famous, infamous, and just ordinary residents who have peopled the place over the last two hundred years, the zoo that never was, the swimming baths that are no more, and its twentieth-century maternity homes.